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BELPANEL sandwich panels is the best solution in field of modern construction!

BELPANEL Company specialized on production of high efficient fire-resistant roof and wall three layer sandwich panels. It is an innovate product of premium quality, which differs from other analogues, due to its improved operating ability and technical characteristics.

Over the years of successful operation (since 2002) at the construction materials market, the Company created one of the top production facilities of Russia, which consist of fully automated high tech production lines for sandwich panels manufacturing (sandwich panels production capacity is more than 3 mil of m2 annually), production of high efficient mineral wool plates based on basalt rocks and production line for galvanized steel coating. 

Consistent high quality of the final product is the matter of primary importance for BELPANEL as well as its defining feature and strategic advantage. 

It is confirmed by full compliance of BELPANEL management system to the most demanding international standards:


Why BELPANEL sandwich panels are the best?

Sandwich panel consist of:

  • Core, made of high quality IZOVOL basalt insulant with:
  1. Capability to keep its properties in fire condition and do not sustain combustion (sandwich panel core material does not melt when heated up to 1114oC);
  2. Lower heat conduction coefficient (panel with 10cm thickness equals to 1.5m of brickwork;
  3. High vapor transmission rate and water repellence;
  4. Perfect acoustic insulation;
  5. Environmental safety and durability.
  • Profiled galvanized steel sheets with polymeric coating (by agreement with the Customer we can manufacture sandwich panels with different colors, thicknesses, coatings, profiling types and various locks)
  • Special glue of high quality together with transversely oriented insulant’s fiber, secures persistently high strength and durability of the product.

Primary benefits of BELPANEL:

  • Application of unique CLEANTECK® technology allows to prevent fatigue stresses in sandwich panels, securing its durability, reliability and safety
  • Fire-resistance. Does not sustain combustion and can be used as fireproof walling.
  • High erection speed. Short terms of building and renovating are related to the structural features. In addition, we can offer three layer sandwich panels with 2 – 14 meters length and 1 – 1,19 meters width, so the Customer can choose an optimal variant for his construction. Installation can be performed in any time of year.
  • Durability. High quality antirust material treatment along with basalt based core, guarantees durability to BELPANEL panels, which equals age of facility.
  • Low weight of BELPANEL sandwich panels (the weight of 1m2, 50mm thickness is 16 kg) allows not to increase bearing capacity of foundation and to use lighter building machinery.
  • Efficient acoustic insulation of building is achieved due to application of IZOVOL basalt fiber in BELPANEL panels, which correspond to SNiP 23-03-2003 requirements for noise protection.
  • Ecological and hygiene safety of BELPANEL sandwich panels.


All specified characteristics allows to use three-layer sandwich panels for construction of buildings of different purpose. In most cases, the facilities are:

  • Farming and agricultural buildings;
  • Food industry buildings;
  • Greenhouses;
  • Cold stores;
  • Car showrooms;
  • Production workshops;
  • Storage terminals;
  • Shopping malls;
  • Sports facilities;
  • Container units;
  • Private buildings and others.