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Following strong domestic environmental standards and occupational safety, BELPANELCompany successfully implemented an integrated management system, which approves complete correspondence of BELPANEL management system to the strictest international standards, such as ISO 9001:2015 (quality management system). Certification of the integrated management system corresponds to all the requirements of global business community. This fact confirms the high quality of our products, transparency, openness, process ability and perfection of all business processes. All stages of our cooperation will be transparent and clear to you. There are meanings that sandwich panel is a leakproof construction, and nothing happens inside. It is not true. Panel is a large shape product, subjected to alternate load. With the course of time fatigue stress is increasing and structural bounds can be disturbed. It is very important to pay attention to the quality of used materials. Serious structural changes of core material can lead to consistency loss of the entire structure.CLEANTECK technology controls and avoids these processes. That’s why BELPANEL Company pays particular attention to the mentioned processes and uses the high-quality IZOVOL insulant with structural characteristics, which doesn’t change with the course of time. The consumers of fire proof BELPANEL sandwich panels can be sure, that material will not lose its serviceability for a long period of time. BELPANEL Company pays careful attention to the production quality. For this reason CLEANTECK technology provides and guarantees ecological cleanness and safety, as well as higher strength characteristics of BELPANEL sandwich panels.

Certified laboratory of quality.

Consistent high quality of BELPANEL sandwich panels is ensured by multilevel control system (EN ISO 9001:2015) with certified laboratory as a key-part. Modern quality control laboratories guarantee full compliance of the products to the world standards.

BELPANEL Company has a certified laboratory with high-tech equipment of new generation, supplied by world-known manufacturers. It secures quality, testing rates and high level of test warranty. Technological process is totally controlled and monitored by laboratory specialists. They perform the test for every part of production, whereby fire proof wall and roof BELPANEL sandwich panels correspond to the main technical and functional requirements for walling.

First of all it is:

  • Compliance with statutory requirements for strength and stability of the construction;
  • Compliance with statutory requirements for thermal protection;
  • Compliance with statutory requirements for fire safety;
  • Observation of hygiene requirements;
  • Compliance with statutory requirements for corrosive environment resistance;
  • Compliance with statutory requirements for ecological safety;
  • No limitations on use in earthquake active areas.