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BELPANEL Company shows continuous state of exploration and forward movement. New technologies, machines, new types of production and innovative solutions are fully result-oriented. Scientific achievements in the field of construction materials as well as world market research, made by BELPANEL allowed creating a brand new product – PIRPANEL sandwich panel!.

BELPANEL Company offers three-layer sandwich panels with very low (in comparison with the similar materials) coefficient of thermal conduction with lower density, weight and high strength and performance characteristics.

By virtue of its useful properties and benefits, PIRPANEL sandwich panels are the ideal material for construction of facilities with low temperatures inside, such as cooling chambers, finished product storages and greeneries. Chemical resistance of the panels to hazardous substance exposure makes them irreplaceable for building facilities for chemical and toxic substances storage.


PIRPANEL advantages

Increasing range of production application, BELPANEL Company offers a brand new business solution, related to chemical and toxic substances. Unique thermal-technical characteristics allows to use PIRPANEL sandwich panels for construction of storages for chemically active substances, liquid nitrogen storages, freezing chambers, road and railroad refrigerators, etc.
Main advantages of PIRPANEL sandwich panels:

  • Higher adhesion strength;
  • Higher mechanical strength;
  • Good vapor transmission;
  • Environmental safety;
  • Low water absorption ability;
  • Low coefficient of heat conduction;
  • Resistance to hazardous substances exposure;
  • Increased fire resistance;
  • Durability;

Technical features of PIRPANEL sandwich panels

Defining characteristics of sandwich panels are quality and properties of insulant, used in production. Main quality characteristics are represented in table below:

Parameter nameValue
Density, kg/m3, not more than45
Heat conduction, W/mC, not more than0,024
Water absorption ability in 24 hours with 96% humidity, vol.%, not more than0,1
Water absorption ability in 24 hours with water saturation, vol.%, not more than2
Adhesion strength of insulant and metal coat during even separation, N/mm2, not less than0,08
Tensile strength N/mm20,12


Types of PIRPANEL sandwich panels

BELPANEL Company produces the following PIRPANEL sandwich panels:

  • Different thickness (50, 80, 100, 120, 150, 200 mm for PIRPANEL wall panels C(Cs), and 50, 80, 100, 120 mm for PIRPANEL roof panels K);
  • Different length (from 2 to 14 meters);
  • Different width (100, 119 cm).

There are two types of PIRPANEL sandwich panels: PIRPANEL C and PIRPANEL Cs. The difference is lock joint. There is Z-lock in PIRPANEL C and hidden screw in PIRPANEL Cs.

PIRPANEL - is used as an effective wall and roof construction for buildings and facilities of different purpose.

PIRPANEL - has excellent thermal insulating properties.

PIRPANEL - has a high biological stability and low water sorption.

PIRPANEL - keeps its structure in the hardest operating conditions. The product is not subjected to deformation during usage period, has a small weight and long lifetime (comparable to the lifetime of building).