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By virtue of last scientific research in iron and steel industry in field of painted galvanized steel production, complete analysis of its application on the world market, BELPANEL have set in operation a high-tech complex, working with the brand new high efficient technologies.

Industrial complex equipped with modern technological equipment, supplied by global leader in high quality color coating lines production.

BELPANEL is Russian manufacturer of steel with PRINTECH - coating with different shades and wood pattern coating!

Applied technology of color coating ЭТАЛОКС™ (“Know-how”) is fundamentally differ from the existing ones.


Special feature of innovated technology is application of unique convection oven that secures production of galvanized coated steel under SELTON® trademark of the highest quality due to constant temperature inside the oven. Unique construction of the oven with special thermal system of product treatment, allows securing complete polymerization of paint in short time and produce SELTON® painted steel coils with higher physical and mechanical properties.

Design features of equipment impact on quality of painting of SELTON® steel. Application of special drives on the production line allows to keep high properties of SELTON® steel painting in auto mode and to adjust technological process, which omit the scrap. The use of special components secures stability of SELTON® coating to external stress, keeping better properties of the product.

Having unique combination of strength and flexibility, SELTON® painted galvanized steel is the product with better operational characteristics.

Manufacturing capabilities

Type of stripe material:Galvanized steelAluminum
Marks of stripe material:08ПС, 08ЮАМг, АМц и др.
Stripe thickness, mm:0,35 - 0,80,30 - 1,2
Stripe width, mm:600 - 1250600 - 1250
Inner diameter, mm:508; 610508; 610
Outer diameter, mm:до 1600до 1600
Coil weight, kg:до 10 000до 3 500
Complementary options:One-side and two-sides paint-and-lacquer coating; "natural wood" patterning

Stripe material coating

- priming coat:Epoxy enamel, polyether
- top coat:polyether, brushed polyether, polyurethane coating, PVDF, plastisol