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Polyester is the coating for roofs and walls, suitable for any environmental conditions. Polyester has high flexural, molding and wearing properties, thanks to which it can be widely used in the food and metalworking industry.

Matte polyester has a good outside resistance and resistance to corrosion. The molding properties of matte polyester are limited that is why it cannot be used for folding.

Polyurethane coating — is based on polyurethane. It has good processibillity under the arrangement of folded joint. The finish coating is resistant to abrasive effect of snow and ice as well as to ultraviolet rays. Polyurethane is resistant to chemical effects.

PVDF — is based on polyvinyldeneflouride. It is recommended to use when there are strict requirements for color retention. PVDF coating can be bent non-destructive almost in all conditions. The coating has high resistance to aggressive environments and good resistance to corrosion.

Plastisol is based on polyvinyl chloride. It is one of the most resistant coatings to mechanical damage and to aggressive environments. The formability and processibillity of the sheet from plastisol is very good.

Technical characteristics.
Type of characteristicPolyesterMatte polyesterPolyurethane coatingPVDFPlastisol
Thickness of zinc coating, gr/m280-350
Thickness of polymeric coating, µm20-303520-10025-35100-200
Resistance to mechanical wear*******************
Resistance to UV********************
Corrosive resistance*********************
Resistance to chemical solutions (reactive environments)*********************

It is possible to paint galvanized SELTON® steel in any color, according to RAL and RR catalogues, from standard to the most exclusive ones!


We use galvanized steel from Russian leaders of metallurgical complex (MMK, NLMK, Severstal, etc.) as the base of our product. Currently, our main suppliers of coating material are PrimeTop, AKZONOBEL companies.